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Reduce Printer Downtime: 6 Tips For IT Managers

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

When the printer stops working at our office, it feels like all work grinds to a halt.

It's like losing your smartphone or being without internet. You just don't know what to do with yourself. We know, it sounds weird. But that's how we feel.

We're sure you've fielded plenty of calls from frustrated colleagues when their printer was offline. Even for 5 minutes.

The truth is, reducing printer downtime at your company isn't just for your peace of mind.

Did you know that employees can waste up to 22 minutes a day on IT related issues (like a printer malfunction)? That adds up to 91 hours per year per person! That's more than 2 weeks of work.

We don't know about you, but we'd much rather save those 2 weeks and use it for vacation.

That's why, in this blog post, we're going to give you 6 tips on how to reduce printer downtime at your office.

1. Have An Airtight Service Level Agreement With Your Print Vendor

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your print fleet is essential. Your print vendor can and should guarantee:

  • Fast response and resolution times
  • Storing consumables on-site
  • Standby machines in an emergency

The 3 clauses above will help you when a printer malfunctions.

2. Regular Maintenance Of Your Print Fleet

This should also be covered in your SLA. We mentioned it separately because periodic maintenance is a preventative measure. It'll reduce the chance your printers malfunction in the first place.

We recommend you get All-In-One "Per Click" Maintenance written into your contract. You pay according to your print volume. So, for X fils per page, parts, labor, and consumables are fully covered. You only have to buy paper.

3. Train Your Employees To Use Printers Correctly

We all know that one coworker who always jams up the printer. Simple mistakes when using printers can cause all sorts of problems. And prevention is better than cure.

Training on how to properly use the office printers should be a part of every new employees on-boarding experience. And you should also train employees whenever you install a new machine in a department.

4. Replace Old And Obsolete Printers In Your Fleet

Even though we keep spare parts on hand for 10 years, and even though all Konica Minolta printers are built to last for many years, we recommend you replace old and obsolete printers in your fleet.

In fact, we have a trade-in program where you can turn-in your old machines, get a new one, and just pay the difference.

Replacing old machines is more important when your printers are a mish-mash of different brands and models.

5. Turn Off Your Printers When Not In Use

Your printers don't need to be ON 24/7. Be sure to turn them off when you leave work. This gives your equipment a break and also reduces energy consumption.

Most modern printers also have a "standby" mode that activates automatically. But this isn't the same as turning them off.

And if you are using Konica Minolta, you can enable weekly timer to automatically sleep & wake up as per your office hours.

6. Use Managed Print Services

We're obviously biased here, but managed print services (MPS) can save your company a lot of time and money.

To put it simply, we will manage your entire print fleet for you. In doing so, we help you reduce your annual print budget by up to 30%.

Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division's MPS:

  • Optimizes your print fleet so you're using fewer machines in the most efficient way
  • Remotely monitors and manages your entire fleet using integrated software
  • Offers improved security over your network
  • Provides tech support for your staff
  • Handles all preventative and breakdown maintenance
  • Reduces your staffing requirements


Here's the summary of how your company can reduce printer downtime:

  • Have an airtight SLA with your print vendor
  • Regular maintenance of your print fleet
  • Train your employees to use printers correctly
  • Replace old and obsolete printers in your fleet
  • Turn off your printers when not in use
  • Use Managed Print Services to integrate all your machines in a "cloud based" system

Keeping your print fleet online and operational, and your company productive, isn't hard. All it takes is being proactive instead of reactive.

If you'd like to get proactive about your business, click on the button below to schedule a print assessment with one of our expert consultants.

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