Is Your Intellectual Property Being Stolen Right Under Your Nose?

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

Imagine someone stole proprietary information from your business and shared it with your competitors.

Or leaked private information on your customers and vendors.

How bad would it be for your company?

Do you know how much that would cost you?

According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM, data breaches can cost up to $148 per compromised record.

And it took organizations, on average, 196 days to detect a breach.

Simply put, you can't afford your intellectual property, customer data, or other sensitive information getting in the hands of your competitors, criminals, or other bad actors.

Now that you know the threat, how do you protect yourself?

Everyone's on the lookout for "hacking" and "data breaches."

All digital. And fairly well-protected with modern IT security.

But who's watching the printer?



Image Secure Keeps Your Intellectual Property Safe From Corporate Espionage

This print security software is "fresh out of the oven" from Konica Minolta.

It's part of our Dispatcher Phoenix suite of print management tools.

Image Secure works by detecting keywords related to intellectual property or other private business information.

Whenever someone tries to print, copy, or scan documents with these keywords, the software will alert a designated person in the company.

We install the Image Secure module on all your MFPs and activity can be monitored centrally.


Image Secure - Transparency And Good Data Handling Practices

Image Secure protects your intellectual property from bad actors.

But that's not all.

It also gives you unprecedented transparency on how sensitive information is handled in your company.

Carelessness is as bad as malintent.

When you know how your data is being used, you can be proactive and take steps to improve the way data is processed, stored, and shared in your company.

As they say, what gets measured gets managed.

And in this case, what gets measured might save your company millions of dollars in costs, lost revenue, and bad PR.


Who Can Benefit From Image Secure?

Image Secure will only benefit your company if:

  • You have intellectual property you want to protect from theft
  • Your Accounting and Finance departments want to keep financial information private
  • Your Legal department has documents they want to keep safe
  • You have confidential internal communications (or with selected stakeholders) that are "eyes only"
  • You care about how data in your company is processed, managed, stored, and shared

If any of the above is true, Image Secure is right for you.


How Can You Purchase Image Secure?

Image Secure is available as an add-on module with our Dispatcher Phoenix suite.

You can also purchase it as a stand-alone software for existing Konica Minolta MFPs at your company.

Our print management consultants at Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division can help you install and integrate the software.

As well as train your staff in its proper use.



We highly recommend investing in Image Secure to protect and manage sensitive business information at your company.

Think of it as an insurance policy against data breaches that could cost your company millions of dollars in:

  • Lost revenue
  • Poor reputation
  • Government/regulatory fines
  • Legal fees
  • Restitution
  • And more

And, just like insurance:

You'd rather have it and not need it - than need it and not have it.


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