How To Save Hundreds Of Hours In Document Processing Every Month

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

This one's for all our hard working friends in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • And more

If your department processes thousands of documents a month, we've got something to help.

Doesn't matter whether you handle:

  • Customer/vendor invoices
  • Financial reports
  • Contracts
  • Payroll
  • Or anything else


The reality is this:

Paper-based workflows potentially cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in document waste, print costs, and lost productivity.

Some productivity experts estimate that paper-based systems kill your productivity by around $14,000 per employee per year.


According to the Workflow Management Coalition, switching to digital workflow management can potentially give your company a 30% boost in productivity!

And even if that weren't the case, just imagine how much time you spend:

  • Manually looking through paper documents for something written in a proposal 3 years ago, by a vendor who no longer works with you, to respond to an email from the VP Procurement.
  • Going through pdf contracts page by page to locate a single clause that's essential to a 7-figure client negotiation
  • Going through dozens of folders of invoices, going back 5 years, to create a report on your top 10 biggest customers for the CFO.
  • (We're sure you can think of others)



Your business on paper-based systems (Image Credit)

Now imagine all that time - hours and hours...

Reduced To Just Minutes


If you need to:

  • Search thousands of documents for specific information in mere seconds
  • Edit or update information across thousands of documents in one click
  • Turn thousands of physical pages into searchable digital files
  • Compile research for reports from many sources in minutes
  • And whatever else advanced data processing you can imagine

Konica Minolta's:

  • Searchable PDF and
  • Scan to Word

...Can save your department hundreds of hours a month in document processing.


Searchable PDF and Scan to Word are both modules in Konica Minolta's Dispatcher Phoenix suite of print solutions.

Our goal is to give you unprecedented control over your data so that...

Finally, Your Data Can Work For You! (And Not The Other Way Around)


These software modules use OCR technology on your MFPs (or as stand-alone software if you prefer) to create fully searchable, editable documents in any format you need.

Whether you're buying brand new Konica Minolta machines and want to add Searchable PDF and Scan to Word...

Or you want them installed on existing machines...

We can help you get up and running.

If you'd like to find out more, our expert consultants are ready and waiting to help you.

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