How To Get Film-Quality Medical Image Printing Without The High Cost Of Film

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

Who would have dreamed that standard printer paper could give you film-quality prints?

Listen, does your hospital/clinic do a lot of medical image printing?

If it does, what we’re about to share with you could mean huge cost savings.

Because at $100+ a ream for x-ray film, medical imaging costs add up!

What if you could install a single piece of software to print medical images at less than $20 a ream?

To state the obvious, that’s an 80% reduction in print costs overnight.

This is what aycan xray-print™ can do for you.


aycan xray-print™: Film-Quality Medical Image Printing Without The High Costs Of Film


aycan xray-print™ is the market leader in DICOM paper print solutions.

You receive premium quality hard copies on inexpensive standard paper.

To improve quality - with a more saturated black and an increased dynamic range - you just have to use premium paper with matt-finished coating.

As important as cost savings is the convenience to your patients.

Imagine how easy it is for them to handle standard-sized paper prints rather than large, unwieldy film or CD copies.

It’s also easier when referring them to other doctors.

Furthermore, because hospitals and clinics have different requirements, we offer different performance classes.

You can scale it up or down depending on your needs and budget.

And you can set the quality for each modality of printing and workstation individually.


Summarized Benefits Of Switching To aycan xray-print™


  • Exceptional quality – DICOM technology and print quality are proven in hundreds of installations worldwide for more than 15 years.
  • Cost savings – Print on inexpensive or premium printer paper. Either way, it’s much cheaper than film!
  • Integration – DICOM-compatibility means smooth integration of aycan xray-print™, whatever your imaging device environment.
  • Reliability – Our print solutions are designed for the extreme requirements for documentation in medicine/ radiology.
  • Immediate live support – Enjoy the personal support of the aycan service team and its local partners, both on-site and remote.
  • Convenience – paper prints are much more convenient for patients compared to CDs. They also make it easier to support referring physicians.


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