How K-12, Colleges, And Universities Can Save Money On Document Services

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

If you work in a K-12, college or university, your print needs are growing more and more sophisticated every year.

Educational institutions are expected to offer easy and unlimited access to document services.

With technology advancing as fast as it does and people living in an “always online” world, your document services must also be:

  • Always online
  • A few clicks or taps away
  • Easy to use by anyone, anywhere, and from any device


These facilities are a given and not some exclusive differentiator between institutions.

In fact, not having them can make you look backwards.

This can do harm to your institution’s reputation and have a negative effect on enrollment.

Because, frankly, people talk.

And difficulties with printers are a common frustration.

So much so, they are a regular feature in comedy, television shows, and movies like Office Space.

And if you don’t want your staff or students to have one of these episodes with your printers:




Or see comments like this in your feedback / customer complaint forms:


You really, really need our help.


Customized Print Solutions For Educational Institutions Of All Sizes

Whether you’re a small, mid-to-large, or large institution, we have solutions that meet your needs while minimizing capital expenditure and overheads.

For example…


If you’re a small K-12:

  • Coin-operated or hybrid self-service printing
  • Easy management and maintenance: no server, network, or dedicated IT administrator required


If you’re a local community college:

  • Bring-your-own-device - smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Our print fleet is compatible with any device and you won’t need to install special drivers.
  • Follow-me printing - output print jobs to any printer on campus.
  • Authentication and accounting - you’ll have an easy way to track and pay for your printing. And no one can access your print outputs but you.


If you’re a state university:

  • Dedicated print-rooms
  • “Advanced” printing jobs like finishing (binding, gluing, etc.) and print-on-demand
  • Document workflows and job routing from offices or libraries to print-rooms


Take something as simple as creating, administering, and grading exams.

In the past, this was done manually by teachers or required expensive, pre-printed bubble sheet exam templates and even more expensive bubble sheet grading machines.

Now, you can create, print, and grade quizzes, mid-terms, and final exams using Konica Minolta's Bubble Grader solution.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Here are some client success stories.


How Konica Minolta Improved The Print Environment At Algonquin College



“Konica Minolta’s solutions aligned with our digital strategy here at Algonquin College in a way that would allow us to improve the flexibility of print on campus, would allow us to reduce our energy footprint, and in the end hopefully deliver a better printing experience.” - Brent Brownlee, Director Of Ancillary Services, Algonquin College


How Konica Minolta Reduced Print Costs At Palo Verde Community College

Here are some numbers in black and white:

“Before Palo Verde College implemented the Konica Minolta solutions, its annual copier costs reached $58,308. In the first fiscal year of the new contract, it spent $37,650, resulting in a savings of $20,658.”

Click here to read the complete case study.



Konica Minolta can help educational institutions like K-12s, Colleges and Universities become more effective at offering print services to students, teachers, and staff.

This will also come with cost savings as print waste is reduced and productivity is increased. An integrated print solution can save your school 10-30% of its annual print costs.

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