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Does Your Service-Level Agreement Have These 5 Essential Clauses?

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

Have you recently invested in Managed Print Services (MPS)? OR are you planning on doing so?

If the answer is yes, you need to pay close attention to the Service-Level Agreement you sign with your vendor. The clauses in the SLA will determine:

  • Whether you're able to run your print fleet efficiently with zero/minimal downtime.
  • The overall life cycle value you gain from your investment.

We want to make sure this agreement is ultimately in your favor. In this blog post we share the 5 most important clauses you need to have in your SLA.


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1. Response And Resolution Times

This is probably the most important clause in the entire agreement. You want breakdowns solved ASAP. And you want maintenance done efficiently with minimal disruption.

At Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division, we consistently deliver fast response and resolution times.

2. Service Charges

There are 2 types of service contracts:

  • Annual Service Contract
  • "Click Rate" Service Contract

With an annual service contract, you pay a flat rate to have your machines maintained for a year. This only covers labor charges. Parts, consumables, and paper are not covered.

With a "Click Rate" contract you pay according to your print volume. So, for X fils per page, parts, labor, and consumables are fully covered. You only have to buy paper. This generally turns out to be more economical for you. Plus, you have the additional benefit of peace of mind.

3. Consumables On-Site

If you run out of ink or toner, you don't want your work to stop while you wait for replacements. That's why you should insist that your print vendor store spare consumables at your premises.

So, if you run out, you replace the cartridges first then call the service engineer. They will typically deliver the replacements in the same day.

4. Standby Machines

If your print vendor is unable to get your machine up-and-running within the defined resolution time, they should provide you with a standby machine. This is so your work remains unaffected.

5. Periodic Service

Routine maintenance, done diligently, prevents many breakdowns. You need to clearly define the schedule on which your vendor will perform routine maintenance on your machines.

The schedule will depend on your print volume, e.g. monthly or quarterly.


In summary, here are the 5 essential clauses you must insist on in your SLA:

  1. Clearly defined response and resolution times
  2. All-in-one "per click charge" covering parts, labour, and consumables
  3. Store spare consumables on client premises
  4. Provide standby machines if resolution time can't be met
  5. Perform regular periodic maintenance on a schedule that's optimal for your print volume

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