The phone jolted him awake. He looked at the blinding display before answering. 01:03 am. He didn't recognize the number. An internal voice screamed at him:

"Just reject the call and go back to sleep!"

He picked up.

"Anil, it's Mahesh. I'm really sorry to wake you up at this hour."
"Mahesh at ABC Printing. Listen, we've got an emergency and I need your help."
"OK. What's wrong?"
"We're working on a massive print job overnight and we've just run out of toner. Is there anything you can do to help us?"
"OK, give me an hour or two. I'll open up our stores and have the toner delivered to you."
"You're a life saver, man. OK, here's what we need..."

You've just read a dramatized re-telling of a real service call.

One of our biggest clients, a well-known printing house in the U.A.E. (they aren't called Al Majid Printing, by the way) ran out of toner in the middle of the night during a high-volume, urgent job.

Our customer service engineer opened up the stores and delivered replacements immediately after receiving the call.

When the product is a commodity, what separates one print vendor from the rest?

At Juma Al-Majid Office Equipment Division, it's our approach to customer service.

In this post, we will share the key elements of our customer service philosophy.


Image by Rawpixel from Pixabay.

1. We Are A Service Industry

Office Equipment isn't just about product sales. This is a service industry. We aim to service our clients for years after the initial purchase. This involves both routine maintenance and breakdown calls.

2. We Respond Immediately

We consistently deliver fast response times across the U.A.E. We're able to do this because we have branches in most of the Emirates. And in the larger Emirates we divide the location geographically, placing service engineers strategically.

3. We Beat Global Benchmarks

Our technology partners like Konica Minolta have global standards set for customer service. We strive to go above and beyond these benchmarks.

4. We Solve Problems Fast

In virtually all breakdown situations we also have fast turnaround times. This is because of our 3-step approach:

  • Training our engineers to respond, troubleshoot, and resolve in all possible scenarios
  • Conservatively maintaining spare parts inventory so we can service machines for up to 10 years
  • Storing consumables on-site with our client and holding inventory at our service centers across the U.A.E.

5. The Best Customer Service Is A Superior Product

Konica Minolta machines are built to last. We currently service clients who have machines that are nearly 10 years old.

We also have a trade-in program where our clients can sell their old machines to us, get a new one, and only pay the difference.

6. We're On-Call 24/7

Our service engineers are on-call 24/7. They are trained and able to respond to emergencies at any time of the day or night. The story we told you above is an example of such a situation.

7. We'll Even Print Your Job In-House

In rare cases we aren't able to deliver a solution to our client in the standard time frame. So, instead, we ask them to give us the job and we handle the printing on our in-house machines.

We also maintain a fleet of standby machines at our service centers. Our clients have full access to these any time their printers are offline and they have urgent jobs to do.

8. We Have The Capacity To Handle All Inquiries

Our massive call center on Sheikh Zayed Road is able to handle any volume of inquiries. Service calls are received and a ticket is sent to our service coordinator, who then assigns the job to the closest service engineer.


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This is where our superlative customer service can help you.

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