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Augmented Reality Print: Uses, Benefits, And Implementation

by Juma Al Majid Office Equipment Division

Picture this:

You hand a prospective client your business card.

He looks at it.

“Turn on your smartphone camera and hold your card in front of your phone,” says the inscription on the card.

Intrigued, he pulls his phone out and holds out the card.

You watch his eyes widen in amazement.

With a knowing grin, you move to watch with him.

On the screen, a video plays.

It’s you, delivering the elevator pitch you’ve practiced for hours and hours.

“Flawless,” you think to yourself.

The video ends and he turns to you.


He doesn’t have to say more.

What we’ve described is just one of the potential applications of augmented reality (AR) technology in print.

According to IDC, the global AR/VR (Virtual Reality) market reached $16.9 billion.

And it is forecasted to reach $94 billion by 2023 (PRNewswire,) with massive demand in the retail and e-commerce sectors.

That being said, what can you do about it?

Well, what if we told you Konica Minolta developed an easy-to-use software to design, create, and publish AR-enhanced print collaterals?

And, that it’s super easy to use, even without advanced technical knowledge?

We’re talking presentations, posters, brochures, fliers, books, business cards, and more.

If you can print it, we can add AR to it.

Is that something you’d be interested in for your business?



GENARate: Print. In Motion.


genARate is an AR solution developed by Konica Minolta.

It allows you to supercharge your existing print materials with AR.

And all you have to do is drag-and-drop interactive content into your print files.

The possibilities here are only limited by your imagination!

Need a little “Wow!” factor for your next negotiation or presentation?

How about giving students a more interactive, immersive learning experience?

What about experiential marketing campaigns on printed media?

genARate gives you the ability to capture and hold your audience’s attention like never before.


A New Era For Print

Click here to download the hi-resolution infographic


How Does genARate Work?


First, you create and publish AR projects in our genARate Studio Web-App:


Then, end-users install the genARate app on their smartphones to interact with your AR-enhanced print materials:


And the hardware requirements are accessible enough that your AR will work on any modern iOS or Android device.

For a detailed walkthrough on how you can create AR projects using genARate, visit our knowledge base.


Who Can Benefit From genARate?


Think about it this way:

If your audience or user experience will be better if it is interactive, GenARate is perfect for you.

  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Sales and marketing at corporations
  • Marketing and Advertising agencies
  • Construction/Contractors
  • And many more!


Here’s What People Ask Us About genARate


What’s The Investment?

genARate offers three different standard licensing opportunities; ‘Campaign’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’. Please get in touch with us to get the detailed price list.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No, there are no hidden fees, or volume-based costs appearing during your work with genARate.

How Do I Track ROI?

Using the in-built analytics tool, you will have a full overview of your individual genARate projects and can measure the success of the campaigns.

How Do End-Users Know Which Page To Scan?

The provider of the AR experience should mark the AR image/page with the ‘Scan with genARate’ icon which can be downloaded on the genARate website for free.

Can It Really Be Used Without Any Programming?

Yes, genARate offers the entire pipeline to create, publish and analyze your own AR scenario fully based on a graphical user interface without a single line of code or any complex configuration. Though it does offer an optional HTML interface for scenario creation, for users who feel more comfortable using standard web programming platforms such as HTML, JavaScript or CSS.

Can I Use My Own Branding?

Yes, the creation and seamless integration of your white-labeled app is included in the genARate PRO License. Additional white-labeled apps (e.g. for client projects) can be purchased on demand.

Where Will My Content Be Hosted?

The genARate platform offers streamlined server hosting for your AR experience including all used contents and assets. The genARate backend is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most sophisticated cloud infrastructures available today



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